Sept 4, 2020 - Keyhaw is Live.

This is exciting. After months in the making, our store is finally live

To start things off, the group buy for GMK Shorebound is live now from September 4th to October 4. Designed in Australia by pupper, this set features the gentle aesthetic of a relaxing day at the beach. Extras will be available after group buy orders ship. MOQ's for this group buy are as follows:

  • Base Kit: 250
  • Novelties: 100
  • Ortho/40s: 100
  • Spacebars Kit: 100

Need more of Keyhaw already? Me too, and it's a good thing we can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord.

Finally, and sadly, this is the end of our first update. We hope to see you soon.