Oct 27, 2020 - Krytox in stock now!

The wait is over. Our shipment of Krytox has finally arrived and is ready to ship! Sold in units of 5mL in fancy glass jars (and hopefully leak-proof lids) for our first batch. We aim to place our order for a restock just before we sell out, so as to maintain a consistent availability. The restock process can take up to a month since Krytox is such a high demand product. You can check in on our Discord for updates while we maintain stock.

(We got the street yogurt you need)

 While designing labels, it slipped past us that we approved our renders before correcting some aesthetic consistencies. In addition to this minor design flaw, we were also sent more than double what we ordered. So until we run out of labels, our stock of 205g0 will ship looking like this:

(The font on '205g0' rendered incorrectly)

For anyone curious about GMK Shorebound, we will no longer be participating in the group buy as a vendor. Information on this project can be found here.

As Keyhaw continues to grow, develop, and participate within the mechanical keyboard community, we will work our absolute hardest to improve our store and expand our catalog. In the future, we plan to stock more of your typical keyboard lube like Tribosys and more Krytox. We are open to any and all suggestions on our contact page.

Thank you for your reading through this mess, have a nice day :)