What is a Group Buy?

Our group buy policies can be found here

Basically, a group buy is a method of crowdfunding. Group buys are a means of collecting funds with the goal of manufacturing low volume, custom products, such as community designed keycaps and keyboards.

Typically manufacturers require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) to begin production. This is the least amount of orders required before a factory will begin production.

If a group buy fails to meet the factory's MOQ before submitting an order, the group buy may be extended or even cancelled.

After a successful group buy ends, funds are sent to the manufacturer and production is queued to begin. The manufacturing and quality control process can take several months until finished products are sent to vendors. Following this, vendors take inventory to confirm all orders have been produced before shipping to everyone that joined the group buy.

Reasons for joining a group buy include: receiving exclusive products, paying less than retail prices, and participating in a community. Retail and aftermarket prices are priced higher due to limited supply of a product in circulation.